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Review: Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct - S.E. Green

When I started reading Killer Instinct I thought it was going to be predictable on who the Decapitator was. Along the way I had a list of suspects and in the end I didn't know what to think anymore, that was totally unexpected! I like when books do that.

I actually liked Lane even though her fascination with serial killers was a bit weird and creepy, including her actions and how she felt when she did those things even if it was for a...good thing.. you can say they sort of were, right? And she was quite awkward as well, but in the end it felt like she grew as a person. Also the end left me wondering on how it'd continue for Lane - would her life be as normal as it can be with her family or would it continue on with..you know.

Killer Instinct was a fast and easy YA mystery read with twists and turns in the plot and it kept me engaged because you just want to find out who the suspect is.